Atlantis in the Andes
For almost three millennia, mankind has been intrigued and captivated by stories of the legendary continent of Atlantis - Many believe it was a vast maritime empire whose influence was so great, remnants of its culture and legacy are found world wide to this very day.

Theories of its location are boundless.

Is it possible that when Plato spoke of Atlantis, he may have been referring to South America?

Based on the ground-breaking work of cartologist and Plato expert, Jim Allen who makes a strong case that the Bolivian Altiplano perfectly fits Plato's description of Atlantis, we examine his theory in Atlantis In The Andes.

Produced by: Of Like Mind Productions and Producer/Director Lisa Hutchison and narrated by, Lance Henriksen, this one-hour documentary explores Jim's theory by traveling to the Bolivian Altiplano.

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