Unveiling The Mysteries Of Machu Picchu
The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is one of the world's most spectacular ruins. Set against looming peaks cloaked in snow and wreathed in clouds, are the imperial stone discoveries of a forgotten past. Working with new evidence and a trove of re-examined relics, we explore this famous lost city.   More Details.
Pets On The Couch®
Often called the "Dr. Phil of Animals" Warren Eckstein has worked with virtually every type. A "hands-on expert, Warren is equally comfortable backpacking with llamas, being in the water with dolphins, or working with Dogs and Cats. He specializes in resolving behavior problems by teaching people and animals to communicate, so pet and owner may live happily ever after.  More Details.
The Legendary Radio Recorders: A Musical Time Capsule
This legendary studio and home to many hit sessions by Elvis Presley is one of the oldest recording facilities in Los Angeles. Originally built in 1928 by the Victor Talking Machine Company before its acquisition by RCA in 1929 and founded in 1933 as Radio Recorders, it is the only historical recording studio left in Los Angeles. In this three part series, we take you through the chronological evolution of this musical time capsule.   More Details.

A Day in the AfterLife®
Join British Medium, Michael Parry, and his wife, Psychic-Artist Marti Baker, as they show you what it's like to spend A Day in the AfterLife.  More Details.
Atlantis in the Andes
This prime-time documentary for The Discovery Channel documents the work of Jim Allen, an English cartographer/satellite photo interpreter, who has taken literally the two dialogues that Plato wrote about Atlantis. Using modern technology and his understanding of ancient measurement systems he pinpoints an area of the world that he believes matches Plato's physical descriptions of Atlantis -- in modern day Bolivia - and he believes that the entire continent of South America is, in fact, Atlantis.   More Details.

Mysteries Of Tiahuanaco
High in the Andes Mountains near Lake Titicaca, lie the remains of Tiahuanaoc, the site of a technologically advanced culture considered by many archeologists to be the oldest ruins in the world.  More Details.

Adventure Road
Journey into a world of unfolding adventure. Be transported into forgotten pasts to uncover secrets that until now, have been lost in time, Rewrite the pages of history as you follow Adventure Road to the four corners of the world.

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